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After you have landed in Andaman a lot of you might be planning to take that long-awaited cruise to the nearby islands. Nothing can be a better way to explore Andaman than a cruise ride. Whether you are adventure lover who loves to taste adventure or the ones who are just in seek of some serenity there will be a lot of places that you would want to visit here. Marvel at the sight of the amazing surrounding of this region and indulge in some activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin watching etc.
The white sandy beaches and the beckoning turquoise water will make you forget all your worries as you step into it. For the ones who love to head out for a cruise in the Andaman, you have definitely landed in the right place. Let’s check out some of the cruises in Andaman.

1. Andaman Dolphin

Andaman Dolphin

Another of the best cruise which is a must try for you in the Andaman is the Andaman Dolphin. Andaman Dolphin has a stunning design, which enables it to achieve a speed of 20-40 hitches alongside extraordinary ocean value. Because of this speed, you can also head out to some of the far off places around here. Discover the majestic marine universe of corals and the colourful fishes of Andaman just from inside the quality speedboat. Whether you are with your family or with your friends or on your honeymoon you will have the best of experience as you ride through the scenic views of your surroundings.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 2500 per adult.

Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman

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2. M.V Makruzz Luxury Cruise

M.V Makruzz Luxury Cruise

As you will be traveling to Andaman through ship or cruise you would definitely want to know about your cruise. This cruise has been the privately owned ship which has been giving the best of experience for all the travelers.  This ship was built in the year 2000 by Damen Shipyard. The ship has 2 decks with traveler limit of 280.  The ship cruises between Port Blair and Havelock providing the best state of art facilities.

MV Makruzz is a twin body vessel with rich interiors and unmatched speed. The ship has three classes for its visitors with 208 seats in Premium, 64 in Deluxe and 8 in Royal. For the solace of the travelers, the vessel is completely ventilated. MV Makruzz can reach up to a speed of 32 nautical miles. It ordinarily traveled at roughly 22 - 24 nautical miles and can cover the separation between Port Blair and Havelock Island in an hour and a half. There is a transparent glass through the whole length of the ship's both decks seating territory which allows the travelers to have a view of their whole surroundings.

Total No of Seats: There are a number of 208 seats in the vessel.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 1300 per adult and Rs 120 per child.

3.Coastal Cruise

Coastal Cruise

There is another best cruise in Andaman which is must try for you if you are a cruise lover. Coastal Cruise was built in Singapore under global standard of Bureau VERITAS. The ship is 35 meters long and is very well built and furnished on the inside. Coastal Cruise comprises of 2 Upper and Lower Deck separated into four classes (Executive, Lounge, Premiere, and Coastal). The cruise can run up to a speed of 25 knots (45 Kmph). 

Experience the thrill as you cruise at this speed through the Calm Ocean and majestic views. In the ship, there is also a centralized announcement system for the convenience of the passenger as well as the crew.  The vessel is equipped with all the modern-day art facilities and provides you the best service.  The ship can carry up to 218 passengers. The vessel is encased completely with pleasant windows which offer a clear image of the all the flora and fauna in the surroundings.

Total No of Seats: There are a number of 218 seats in the vessel.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 810 per adult.

4. Green Ocean

Green Ocean

Most of you might be dreaming to head out a cruise in Andaman. As Andaman is known for its beauty with the white sandy shorelines and the clear blue waters most people want to explore these islands through the cruise. Whether it’s about visiting different Islands from Port Blair or just heading out for diving, swimming or dolphin watching cruises are the most sought ones. Green Oceans are the biggest and the main all climate private ship between Port Blair and Havelock Islands. 

This mighty vessel offers the most agreeable and charming on board involvement. While on the ship the visitors can walk around through the one of a kind open deck. There is also a cafeteria with the best music and also a dance area for the visitor to unwind and loosen up in outside.  Marvel at the sight of the green-blue heaven as you take your cruise to Havelock Island.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 900 per adult and Rs 105 per child.

5.Coral Safari

Coral Safari

No one can deny the fact that cruising in Andaman is something which will be remembered for the rest of your life.  There is another of the best cruise in Andaman which is a must try for you. Andaman's marine life and coral reefs are an outstanding vacation destination, getting scores of individuals from India and everywhere throughout the world. With the new Coral, Safari Andaman is taking things to an entirely different level. 

This vessel enables you to be in the midst of the perfectly clear waters in an aerated and air conditioned cabin devouring your eyes on the absolute most delightful fishes and fascinating marine life. With AC cabin and open seating area this vessel will take you through the completely clear sea around the Andaman Islands unwinding the magnificence and the mysteries of the deep underwater marine life Coral Safari is a semi-submarine which will take you into the remote ocean in a 100 seater cabin.

Total No of Seats: There are a number of 100 seats in the vessel.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 1850 per adult.

6.Musafir Andaman

Musafir Andaman

Andaman trip is always considered as the most amazing trip to remember. While you are visiting Andaman cruising can never be missed out. Out of the many cruises in Andaman, Musafir Andaman is another best cruises in Andaman which you should definitely try. 

With amazing speed, extravagant, style and superb dependability this ship will be one of your most amazing cruises. Feel the thrill as you cruise through the majestic beauty of the region. This cruise takes you through some of the most discreet parts of Andaman. Visit some of the undiscovered place as well as the known places during your stay in Andaman. Also try some exciting activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing etc. There are 24 seats in total and can carry a number of 30 passengers in the ferry.

Total No of Seats: There are a number of 24 seats in the vessel.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 500 per adult.

7. Island Explorer

Island Explorer

Most of you might still be searching for the best cruise ships in Andaman. With a number of different cruises and ships, Andaman definitely makes one of the most visited islands. Experience the joy of ocean cruising, and find a portion of the celebrated Islands in a day cruise refurbished in one of the oldest and traditional boats of South East Asia. 

Island Explorer is all around prepared to give you that joy of cruising yet in the meantime you can also enjoy some of the activities like diving, snorkeling etc. Make your vacation a rocking one as you try this amazing cruise in Andaman.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 550 per adult.

Best Tour Packages

Visiting Andaman is another dream for most beach lovers. Be it your honeymoon or just an adventure outing with your friends for a soulful vacation Andaman is definitely the right place for you. Andaman has been always a favorite destination for all. Whether you are an adult or in your mid school there are a lot of cruises which allows you to travel to Andaman. You will have the best vacation of your life.

8. Andaman Tour Package by Ship

Andaman Tour Package by Ship

About the Tour:
One of the best ways to enjoy the magnificence of Andaman’s natural beauty is by taking a cruise around the islands of the region, and this Andaman tour package by ship perfectly fits the brief. With the help of this package, you will spend 7 days and 6 nights cruising all around Andaman, taking in the best of its land and sea adventures.
This Andaman tour package by ship will take you over the best of the islands and allow you to experience places like Havelock island, Coral island, and the Cellular jail among others. Several magical nights will be spent on the ship, enjoying the soft rocking waves of the sea and the gentle breezes it brings. 
Several days of the cruise will be spent purely on the sea with no land in sight. The adventurous sea expedition on the seventh day will conclude with you taking the flight back to Chennai from Port Blair.

9. Andaman School/Collage Educational Ship Tour

Andaman School/Collage Educational Ship Tour

An educational tour to Andaman can be great with your friends. Get a chance to explore the beauty of the island while you take this tour along with your friends. Nothing can be a better option for you to explore the Andaman while cruising through the scenic views. You will begin your journey from Chennai and sail through the amazing Bay of Bengal. Each day will be a new day for you as you get to explore a lot of things in the Andaman during this majestic tour. 

You will arrive Andaman on you fourth day after which you will be transferred to your hotel. Explore the beauty of the whole region and visit the famous Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum), Cellular jail, Anthropological Museum, Cottage Industries Emporium etc.  Also don’t miss your chance to explore the famous Havelock Island, Ross Islands, Elephant beach etc. You will be soaked up in the beauty of the region. After a thrilling exploration also enjoy some mouth watering dishes. And then when it’s time to cruise back home, relax in your cabins or watch the beauty of the whole place as a new friend.

Duration: The duration of you whole trip will be around 10 days and9 nights. It depends on the packages which you are opting for.

Price: The approximate price will be Rs 10000 per person.

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10. Andaman Holiday Ship Tour

Andaman Holiday Ship Tour

Enjoy the warm sun beams in style on the rich deck while taking in the stunning landscape of emotional limestone precipices, unadulterated white-sand shorelines and smooth sea-green/blue waters. Make a plunge and swim with the tropical fish of the Andaman or discover some activity with our water brandish exercises. 

Enjoy tasty dinners on board the yacht or at one of our selective island stops. If you are going out for some special vacation along with your friends then this will definitely make you feel happy. Feel the magic of the sea breeze while you head out on this holiday tour.  This amazing tour will start from Chennai through the magical Bay of Bengal. Sail through the ocean witnessing the beauty of your surroundings. Explore some of the famous places in Andaman like Havelock Islands, neil islands, Baratang island etc.

Duration: The duration of the tour is 10 days and 9 nights in which you can cover a lot of parts of Andaman.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 7500.

11.Andaman Honeymoon Cruise Tour Package

Andaman Honeymoon Cruise Tour Package

There is no doubt in that Andaman is indeed amongst the most loved honeymoon destinations in India. With the crystal clear water and the beckoning beaches, couples rush to this island to spend some time together with they're beloved. There are a lot of cruise packages in Andaman which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this region. Out of the many packages honeymoon cruise another of the best packages for an amazing experience. 

Cruise through the serene view of the region along with your beloved and soak in the beauty. Marvel at the farsighted sea and watch the sun goes down at the horizon. Feel the love blooming again on this amazing trip. One can also indulge in an array of activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving etc. Sip a glass of wine and gaze at the starry sky and enjoy a lavish dinner right there at the cruise. With all the luxuries in the ship, you will have the best of experience. While in Andaman also don’t miss to visit some of the famous portions here like the Limestone Cave, Ross islands, Neil Island and the various museums there.

Duration: The duration for a honeymoon package is 7 days and 6 nights. Also, you can choose from a variety of other packages according to your choice.

Price: The approximate prices start from Rs 75000 per couple.

12. Journey Time

Journey TimeSend Enquiry

There are various types cruises from which you can choose from for your Andaman cruise.  Whether you are planning for long time cruise or just a few days there are various cruises from which you can choose from. There might be a few of you who are planning to visit Andaman by ship. The journey from Kolkata, Chennai, and Vishakhapatnam to these mesmerizing islands is in itself a great cruise.

•        Chennai - Port Blair: Journey time about 60hrs

•        Calcutta - Port Blair: Journey time about 70hrs

•        Visakhapatnam - Port Blair: Journey time about 56hrs

There are various ships which are available 4 times a month from Chennai, Kolkata and once a month from Vishakhapatnam. The ships which will take you these beautiful islands are

•        MV Nicobar

•        MV Nancowry

•        MV Swaraj Dweep

•        MV Harshavardhana

•        MV Akbar

According to your convenience, you can choose from the cabins, AC Deluxe rooms or Family rooms.


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